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Barack Obama Needs to Learn From the Old Country

In this case, Indonesia:

Indonesia made stealthy economic progress during Yudhoyono’s first term, witnessed in the fact the economy is one of the region’s few on course to record positive gross domestic product (GDP) growth this year. That’s in part been driven by decentralization measures that have broken the center’s long-time stranglehold on natural resource revenues and allowed for more geographically broad-based economic activity – a feat regional neighbors like Thailand and the Philippines have failed to achieve.

His government’s anti-corruption efforts have addressed investors’ main complaint and some market analysts believe that he will accelerate the campaign during a second term. Sriyan Pietersz, JP Morgan’s head of research for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)/Frontier Markets, believes a solid Yudhoyono win will allow him to appoint a “dream team” of technocrats and “nail down a superstructure to what’s been done so far”.

What Obama is doing in the U.S. is exactly the opposite of this.  His own “dream team” is pushing for the centralisation of our economy.  If doing it the “American way” is too boorish and provincial for the Elitist Snob and his colleagues, perhaps they can justify it by saying they’re copying the Indonesians.


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