Triumph of Democracy in Honduras: Statement from Rev. Miguel Alvarez

I wanted an insider’s view of this situation.  I got one: this from Rev. Miguel Alvarez, a native of Honduras and the current Administrative Bishop of the Northeastern Hispanic Region of the Church of God.  (He’s also a good friend and a great guy.)  From his Facebook note:

Beloved friends,

I write this note from the airport.

Triumph of Democracy in Honduras

President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales of Honduras was replaced by the National Congress of the Republic of Honduras. In his place, the Congress appointed the President of the Congress, Micheletti Robert. The same was sworn in as a new President, to complete the present constitutional period that concludes 27 January 2010.

Ex-president Zelaya had polarized the country in order to prepare the way for the establishment in Honduras of the model of Hugo Chavez. He had broken the constitutional and institutional laws of the country. The Public Ministry, the Supreme Court of Justice, the National Congress and the Armed Forces had condemned the plebiscite that tried to recognise ex-president Zelaya. Nevertheless he defied all the organizations and democratic institutions and continued with the plebiscite that had been prohibited by the corresponding authorities. Ex-president Zelaya was moving himself to the margin of the Law.

Nobody is above the law. The Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice acted according to the law. Zelaya polarized the country to the brink of political and social chaos, following the instructions of Hugo Chavez, the true gorilla of Latin America. The ballots for the plebiscite were sent from Venezuela and he was following the same model adopted by Chávez to be perpetuated in the power.

The situation is delicate because the international community has been misled and has aligned itself with ex-president Zelaya . International political pressure against the new government is unjust. The international community has fallen under the manipulation of information generated by Hugo Chavez and the countries of the Bolivarian Alternative (ALBA.) This could create international isolation of Honduras that could be very devastating for a poor country.

Nevertheless, the Hondurans are happy with the decision taken and support President Micheletti. The democratic institutions have shown themselves just and acted according to the law.

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