Bob Corker is a Great Presidential Candidate. Except…

Zach Wamp speaks of Tennessee’s junior Senator in glowing terms:

Rep. Zach Wamp told members of the Chattanooga Pachyderm Club on Monday that Sen. Bob Corker is gaining clout around the country as a potential presidential candidate.

He noted that Sen. Corker was chosen to deliver Friday night’s Silver Elephant Banquet speech at the convention of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Rep. Wamp said, “They could have had Palin, but they chose Corker. That is a big, big deal. It is a landmark beginning into the national political environment for our senator.”

He said the choice of Sen. Corker for the speech “was a high compliment and shows the stature that many around the country now regard him.”

Zach is justified in his assessment.  Bob Corker turned a tough election around in 2006, and his stand against blind obeisance to the trade unions–a stance rooted in Chattanooga history–is admirable.

Problem: he’s not an Ivy Leaguer.  And there’s no evidence that Americans will elect a non-Ivy Leaguer to the White House.  They haven’t done so since 1984 (Ronald Reagan.)  I’ve gone on this rant before.

Many in the Republican Party complain that the Party’s failure is due to its not articulating and standing for conservative principles.  That’s a problem, but the bigger problem for the party is twofold:

  1. The Republicans need to convince the American people that it doesn’t take an Ivy League educated elitist snob to run the United States properly.  Electing Ivy Leaguers is like eating comfort food; it feels good and is an easy habit to get into, but the results are a waist.  It defeats the whole purpose of “diversity.”
  2. The Republicans need to make the case–especially to a new generation raised on nearly forced consensus–that our country needs a competitive two-party system, and not just everyone “getting along” under one totally homogeneous idea.

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