So Where Should the Centre of Christianity Be? In the United States?

“Well, for openers…where will Christianity be centred?  In the U.S.A.?  Just think!–by the way, you can read this in Position Paper 6–under the title of ‘The USA religiously considered and the American way of life,‘ as they call it.”  He gives a summary of the Paper.  The United States as a socio-political entity was set up more or less as a vast grille or iron network of laws, rights, obligations, checks, and balances.  Anything that did not dissolve and melt into or could not be soldered onto that grille was doomed from the beginning of the American experience to fall through the holes into the kitchen midden of history.

Position Paper 6 states that with the passage of American history, formal religion, then any kind of religious morality, has shown that it can not be melted into the grille or soldered onto it.  And so, one by one, any moral or religious principles in the public life of the nation had to drop out of sight and mind into nothingness of that rubbish heap of past things, until all that remains today is a practically unworkable system of legal methods, laws, and constitutional balances, imposed on 220 million people, most of whom are still believers in some religious morality.

“So the whole thing must come apart at the seams finally.  Or rather that grille will be come too oppressive for the mass of the people.  They will revolt and not know where to turn without destroying that grille–the American system and way of life…”

Malachi Martin, The Final Conclave (p. 187)

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