The War on Plastic Retail Bags is Stupid

Even if Apple is waging it:

AppleInsider’s Prince McLean reported Saturday that Apple’s retail stores are implementing a new “no plastic bags” policy in order to cut back on unnecessary packaging.

According to the report, customers making more than a comfortable handful of purchases in the store will be offered assistance to their car or the option of leaving their items at the store while they continue shopping, if the Apple Store located in a mall.

This new policy is another element of Apple’s efforts to enhance its green profile, other recent measures having been reducing the size of its product packaging and emphasizing electronic distribution of music and software.

But the whole “war” on plastic retail bags is completely idiotic:

However, I’m not convinced that eliminating plastic bags from retail is really a worthwhile strategy. As with another purportedly “green” solution – biofuels – which can actually result in more carbon release and environmental damage than their equivalent in petroleum fuels would, and production of which is driving food costs into the stratosphere, literally starving people to death in poorer countries, moves to ban or tax complementary disposable shopping bags are largely feel-good gestures that may do more harm than good.

Disposable plastic retail bags are arguably one of the greatest innovations of the last 50 years.

Although the article goes on to explain the advantages of these things, to cut to the chase plastic retail bags are a) reusable and b) (generally) recyclable.  As I write this these bags are holding my own curbside recycling items, on the curb, ready to be picked up.  They can put them into their recycling stream.

This is yet another example of environmentalism forcing a solution that, in reality, doesn’t help the environment.  Or us.

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