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TopCrétien: Great News From Tough Mission Fields

If you’ve scrolled down the page, you’ve probably seen the link to “TopCrétien” on the sidebar, or at the bottom of the “static” part of the site.  It’s been there for about the last six years, on every page on the site.

The Francophone world has always been a fascination of mine since prep school.  That world not only includes obvious places such as France, Belgium and Québec, but also much of North and Sub-Saharan Africa.  But how to communicate the Gospel to these people?  I touched on one way this site has been doing just that, but I knew it needed more.  And I also knew that visitors from my site, coming as they do from all around the world, needed something different.

This morning on the 700 Club there was piece on TopCrétien, on the occasion of the one millionth person to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour from this website or those related to it.  Praise God and congratulations to TopCrétien and Eric Célérier, its founder!

When you do ministry on the web, you wonder sometimes what are the results you’re getting.  It’s good to know that, before the long blogroll and other links, one site I’ve consistently linked to has been a good partner.


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