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Apple Tax? Absurd!

Microsoft is getting desperate these days:

With Apple’s last Macworld keynote speech just hours away, Microsoft is again talking up the idea of an “Apple tax” that people pay when they opt for a Mac over a Windows PC.

What Gates’ Gang doesn’t want to think about is something that any car dealer–and most Macintosh owners–know: there’s added value in reliability, longevity and resale value.

One of the reasons I switched to a Mac in 2002 (this blog was largely developed on that Titanium Powerbook) was that I was tired of mindless system crashes and having to constantly outwit the world of viruses and other unwelcome invaders.  If you have a systems administrator, that’s his or her job, but for a single user you’re on your own.

That Titanium Powerbook lasted six years, still running when I disposed of it just before the stock market tanked.  Biggest problem I was having with it was the lack of USB 2.0 port, which meant that my iPhone wouldn’t sync with it.  I only know of one Windows machine that lasted that long, and that was a Win 3.1/DOS server with a SCSI drive that was seldom accessed and had no internet connection.

Old Macs have better resale value, too.  Why do you think a site like Low End Mac is viable?

In Europe, they speak of a “Microsoft tax” on computers, especially in groups, which is one reason why Linux is still standing.  Macs, with their Free BSD base and other advantages, are for most users an easier option.  If there’s taxation going on out there, it’s being sucked into Seattle.


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