Some Ray H. Hughes Sermons

I recently received an incoming link from a South African (I think) site called Katoikei’s Jukebox to my page on Tom Autry.

Much to my surprise, I found four Ray H. Hughes Sr. sermons posted on this site as well.  My Church of God readers know Dr. Hughes, former General Overseer, former president of Lee University and widely regarded as the “Prince of Pentecostal Preachers,” well; I worked with Ray Jr. at Church of God Laity Ministries.

Update (February 2015): the links to the sermons originally here have been broken.  But now, there’s a YouTube Channel featuring Dr. Hughes’ material, along with some material from Ray Jr. Click here to view the material available.

6 Replies to “Some Ray H. Hughes Sermons”

  1. Dr. Ray H. Hughes’ preaching was something completely new to me, and I was actually looking for some video by Ray Hughes or Selah Ministries.

    Sometime in 2004 or 2005, I spent some time going through a tape seminar about the Psalms by Ray Hughes *not Dr Ray H. Hughes, and was stunned when I found his recent video. He is a most fascinating speaker.

    Based on my find, I decided to cancel the original post and combine my find into one blog entry titled : <a href=””<Ray Hughes and Ray Hughes

    Remember to keep my blog bookmarked, for I am in the habit of doing all sorts of bizarre things. (the object of my blog was to just go with the flow…and sometimes that means doing things that are far from predictable.

    I managed to find out that Tom Autry has done a whole bunch of CD’s since those early days, and is still active in ministry.
    Praise God.


  2. Dear Friend,
    I sincerely want to have some outlines from Dr. Ray H. Hughes especially the sermon: Show Us thy glory. How do I get them?
    Bishop Bob Vance Switzer Church of God Switzer, WV 25647
    304 946 2600


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