A Thanksgiving Song–And a Special Reason for Me to be Thankful

This week’s podcast–appropriately enough, since today is Thanksgiving in the U.S.–is Of One Accord, the title track from the Kairosingers’ album.  The title doesn’t sound like a Thanksgiving song, but it is.

This album came from Port Arthur, Texas, which was hit hard by Hurricane Ike.  One organisation that made a big difference in Southeast Texas in the wake of that disaster was Operation Blessing.  At this time of year, if you want to help a group of people who are there when things like this happen, click here and support it.

And, for me, there’s a special reason to be thankful.  This time last week my wife was in the emergency room, and the following Monday underwent major surgery.  She is recovering well.  For those of you who were aware of her situation, thanks for your prayers.  But most importantly, thanks be to God for his healing and all of his blessings throughout this situation.  They have been numerous and undeserved.

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