The Last Debate

Again from Art Rhodes:

Overall, the third debate was by far McCain’s best performance. Although he is an awful debater, he was better prepared and seemed to be more confident during last night’s performance. Obama, as always, was cool and collective, even when under some pretty severe fire from McCain. McCain went after Obama on almost every issue that was raised.

While Joe the Plumber was mentioned better than 20 times, I did think that McCain could have been more forceful in going after Obama on his comment to Joe that he wanted “to spread the wealth around.” Obama has not made any truer statement during this campaign than his off the cuff remarks to Joe the Plumber. He DOES want to spread the wealth around. Every one of his proposals, from changes in the tax code to healthcare reform, involves taking from those who have worked for a living and redistributing that wealth to those who have not. Obama believes that he can create a socialistic Utopia – a scary thought indeed.

I wish that Art would remember Huey Long, but…I am obsessed with Louisiana politics.  It’s in the blood.

If John McCain wins this election, it will be because of Obama’s candor with “Joe the Plumber.”

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