Why This May Be the Last Election

The Wall Street Journal reminds us why this may be the last meaningful election we have:

All this money gives Acorn the ability to pursue its other great hobby: electing liberals. Acorn is spending $16 million this year to register new Democrats and is already boasting it has put 1.3 million new voters on the rolls. The big question is how many of these registrations are real.

The Michigan Secretary of State told the press in September that Acorn had submitted “a sizeable number of duplicate and fraudulent applications.” Earlier this month, Nevada’s Democratic Secretary of State Ross Miller requested a raid on Acorn’s offices, following complaints of false names and fictional addresses (including the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys). Nevada’s Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said he saw rampant fraud in 2,000 to 3,000 applications Acorn submitted weekly.

Officials in Ohio are investigating voter fraud connected with Acorn, and Florida’s Seminole County is withholding Acorn registrations that appear fraudulent. New Mexico, North Carolina and Missouri are looking into hundreds of dubious Acorn registrations. Wisconsin is investigating Acorn employees for, according to an election official, “making people up or registering people that were still in prison.”

An Obama administration’s first task is not to stabilise our economy, get us (or keep us) out of a recession, or end the war in Iraq.  Their first task is to consolidate their power and that of their party in such a way that their opposition/competition is unable to unseat them, even in the most dire of circumstances.  One way to accomplish that is to stack the electorate so that they cannot lose an election under any circumstances.  The way in which the opposition is geographically concentrated simplifies the job considerably; they only need to concentrate on a relatively small number of states.

That’s the way it’s done in many parts of the world.  Why not here?  Indeed!

2 Replies to “Why This May Be the Last Election”

  1. I’ve been saying this for a while. The scariest thing about an Obama presidency is the fact that the Dem’s will control all vital aspects of American government. Say goodbye to freedom of speech as we know it – not to mention quite a few other things.


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