The Second Debate: A Yawner

From Art Rhodes:

At the end of the debate, I asked the same question that my 14-year old son often asks – “Who can I call to get the last two hours of my life back?” Yes, the Belmont debate was that bad! Neither candidate made any headway in moving the undecided voters. As a matter of fact, most undecided voters went away from last night’s debate probably wanting to vote for “None of the Above.”

All we heard was canned stump speeches that we have heard over and over for the past 15-18 months. Neither candidate hit a home run; no triples, no doubles, and very, very few singles. Obama was more effective at trying to make his answers personal and directly relevant to the person asking the question. McCain, on the other hand, only wanted to attack Obama, and really never “scored” until his response to the final question – long after most people had given up on a good debate and had gone to bed.

It was a yawner.  Yet the media are still rabid for a “game changer” in these debates.  One can only wish that the two vice-presidential candidates were doing the last one.

In the meanwhile, the élan of Obama’s candidacy with his core supporters has finally hit me.  I’ll share that on Friday.

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