Vice Presidential Moderator’s “Tilt,” Equality in the Elitist Snob Age, and Good News about ‘Expelled’

World Net Daily is just brimming with interesting stuff.

First: it seems that the moderator for Thursday Night’s Vice Presidential debate, Gwen Ifill, is planning to release a new book on Inauguration Day entitled The Breakthrough, which celerates an Obama victory.  So much for an objective moderator…

According to WND, “she argues the “black political structure” of the civil rights movement is giving way to men and women who have benefited from the struggles over racial equality.”  But this is a strange argument when applied to this particular presidential race.

To start with, Barack Obama, whose ancestors never knew slavery (unless the Arabs subjected them to it at one time,) doesn’t share that experience–and the agony that went with it–with most black people in this country.  That’s something that the black leadership is painfully aware of, and it has surfaced from time to time.  It does make a difference.

Second, the “black political structure” isn’t going quietly, irrespective of what Obama or Ifill might want.  It may suit their purposes now, but Obama may find it a headache later (Jeremiah Wright and Jesse Jackson have given us a preview of that.)

Third, the struggle for gender equality (which parallels that of race) suddenly becomes meaningless for people like Ifill when a conservative like Sarah Palin becomes an exemplar of that.  But the party that threw feminism under the bus for Bill Clinton can’t be expected to be very supportive in this regard.

Fourth, in an Elitist Snob world such as Barack Obama moves in, equality is like Janis Joplin’s definition of freedom: another word for nothing left to lose.  To move up, one must show that one is superior and that everyone else must step aside as a consequence.  There are movements which give indication that they have figured this out.

Finally, some good news:

A federal court has decided against a claim by Yoko Ono that Ben Stein’s intelligent design film, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” illegally used her husband John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.”

As WND reported, Ono brought the suit within weeks of the movie’s release this spring, claiming the brief use of the song in the film constituted copyright infringement.

“Expelled” is a documentary that highlights perceived academic persecution of scientists that espouse intelligent design, a theory that the universe is too complex to be ordered by chance and random evolutionary forces alone. The movie was an immediate hit, debuting in the national top 10 and becoming history’s No. 12 biggest box office documentary film.

Ono’s lawsuit, however, producers say, sapped the film of its momentum and dissuaded many people from seeing it.

“We heard from many people who wanted to see the film but were put off by the lawsuit and weren’t sure if they wanted to support a film that was under a legal cloud,” noted the film’s producer John Sullivan in a statement.

Now freed from the Ono suit’s legal entanglements, the filmmakers of “Expelled” plan to re-release it to the big screen for those that may have missed its first run. The film’s distributor has chosen to make it available for private screenings, offering “Expelled” to groups of 300 or more that want to bring it to their local theater, for a ticket cost less than most cinemas charge.

I covered this issue earlier.  There are a few people left who want to defend freedom.

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