Memphis Democrats Lead the Fight Against Sarah Palin

Looks like Memphis, Tennessee, Democrats are leading the fight against Sarah Palin.

First, we had the cheap shot that U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen made about Jesus being a community organiser (which he wasn’t) while Pontius Pilate was a governor (which he was, but so is Steve’s fellow Democrat, Phil Bredesen.)

Now we have this, from the Sarah Palin email break-in saga:

The FBI is stepping up its investigation into the possibility that a University of Tennessee student hacked into the personal e-mail of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

A person who identified himself as a witness tells 10 News that agents with the FBI served a federal search warrant at the Fort Sanders residence of David Kernell early Sunday morning. Kernell lives in the Commons apartment complex at 1115 Highland Ave.

David Kernell is the son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis.

Memphis Democrats have good reason for panic these days.

First, the Democrats’ hold on the Tennessee state legislature (Kernell is a state representative, and Cohen was a state senator before he took Harold Ford’s old seat in Washington) is eroding rapidly.  They’ve already lost the Senate, and face losing the state house this election cycle or next, their skilled gerrymandering notwithstanding.  If that happens, the Republicans are sure to redraw both state and federal legislative district lines entirely differently, which would cement the Republicans’ control over the state even more.

And then there’s the real possibility of Rep. Zach Wamp blowing away anyone they might put forward in the governor’s race in 2010…

Second, liberal Memphis Democrats know better than anyone else the power of a religious conservative such as Sarah Palin.  Tennessee is such a religious conservative place that it didn’t take any kind of Christian Coalition style takeover of the Republican Party for such people to acheive prominence, almost always as Republicans.  Memphis’ attempt to drag the state leftward is seriously hindered by this simple fact.

When people panic, they do stupid things.  That’s what we’re seeing here.  That’s been Lesson #1 from the Sarah Palin saga, and nowhere is it more true than in the city of Elvis Presley.

Update: now we have a Federal Grand Jury in Chattanooga looking into these charges, for those of you who think the Kernell affair is a baseless one.

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