The Political Parties Bring on the Lawyers

This, from Art Rhodes:

As one of the handful of lawyers that participated in the Florida recount back in 2000, I am amazed that we have gone from a few dozen lawyers on each side to 7,000+ lawyers on each side. Even in Ohio during the 2004 Presidential election, on the Republican side there were only about 50 or so of us lawyers – and the Democrats had even fewer lawyers there. Based upon the numbers that are being reported (see, each state in the Union would have 140 or so Democratic lawyers if they divided them up equally.

Rest assured, though, that they will not be divided equally. States like Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and possibly even Missouri and Colorado, will be the battleground states. There may be more election lawyers in those states than voters who care!!

I’m welcoming Art, whom I’ve known and worked with for many years, to the blogroll.  For those of you like my decidedly Republican politics–and maybe those of you who don’t–you’ll find Art, a Washington veteran, interesting.

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