Davis Mac-Iyalla: Living What He Advocates

Just when I thought I’d seen everything on the Internet, we have this:

I am pleased to note that the United Kingdom has granted the asylum petition of Davis Mac-Iyalla, the Nigerian Anglican Gay activist, with whom I’ve had frequent dealings…

I know Mr. Mac-Iyalla better than anyone else in the United States, having served as sponsor of his six-week, coast-to-coast American tour last year. We spent every day and evening together, living in the same hotels and homes, sometimes in the same room…

I do not like Davis Mac-Iyalla, nor do I trust him. But I believe him…

I found his private behavior over the six weeks we were together to be rude, manipulative, arrogant, spendthrifty and destructive. He was continually sexually predatory, in ways both disgusting and laughable.

There’s one thing you can say for Mac-Iyalla: his life is consistent with his advocacy of LGBT people and their idea.  The fact that his host Josh Indiana found him in bad taste doesn’t change that.

But that illustrates something important: the Africans, from Akinola to Mac-Iyalla, are in this for keeps.  One of the central problems with the Episcopal Church is they present their religion as more of a pleasant game than as the life or death–on both sides of eternity–matter that belief in Christ really is.  That’s one reason, for example, why Washington Bishop John Chane can have cordial relations with the Iranian leadership–a country where homosexuality is a capital offence–and yet attack Akinola and his allies.

The one thing that took TEC past a game was the property issue.  At this point it became reality.  Losing members is something that TEC has been doing routinely for forty years now.  Property is another matter altogether.

And there’s one larger question: the long term objective of the whole LGBT movement is to get people at large to love them, voluntarily or otherwise.  But if people like Josh Indiana, who is sympathetic to his cause, can’t bring themselves to like or trust him, what can they expect of the rest of us?

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