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Tim Hill at the Tennessee Campmeeting

This week’s podcast features Rev. Tim Hill, Second Assistant General Overseer of the Church of God, address the Tennessee State Campmeeting on Tuesday, 17 June 2008.

For those of you not in the Church of God, it will give you a look at what a Pentecostal campmeeting actually looks like.  (The award for the 55-year pastor is especially interesting.)  For those inside the church, he addresses many of the issues on the “front burner” in our church today.


7 Replies to “Tim Hill at the Tennessee Campmeeting”

  1. I enjoyed the services you held this past week at pee dee. Very impressed with all I saw and heard. Feels good to know we have such men as you in charge. Thank you for all you do. I bought your tapes. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment with them. Thank you again. Pat


  2. I would like to find sermon books by Rev. Tim Hill as to where I can purchast thesr books, All the books he has Please

    thank you
    in Christ

    Odum A. Hulsey


  3. hi bro.tim hill how are you ?i enjoyed your sermon tonight at phrayer conference you had such annoiting on you did you realy mean nobody wanted those songs i would be honored to sing your songs that nobody wants you realy blessed me mon at prayer conference i realy like that song hold on he will come thru and i come to far to turn backon jesus now cancel the hurt but hold on to the healer.may i have the words to not a song writer but i just love to sing and try to play around on the paino you can email me back at may god richly bless you and your family continue doing his works and keepyou in his care.


  4. heaveno may god richly bless you and your family.hi dont give upcontinue writing those great songs and singing. hey if nobody want them i be honored and prilived to sang them ber im not a professional singer but i hope to one day please remember me in prayer amd i ll remember you and your family,i wish i could play and that was truly annoiting at prayer conference.


  5. I enjoy watching my former Pastor I live in Greensboro N.C. And I miss pastor Hill I loved to play the bass along with pastor Hill


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