Obama, the Slackers Candidate

Spengler has an entertaining explanation as to why Barack Obama has so much support amongst younger voters:

A profound sense of panic appears to have gripped American youth, which might explain why so many of them are seeking a messiah in Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barak Obama. But there isn’t much that Obama or anyone else, for that matter, can do to help the slackers

Americans have to work harder, save more, and defer gratification. Instead of spending four years in a non-stop party at a taxpayer-subsidized state university, the middling American student will work during the day, go to night school, and save for a dozen years to buy his or her first house (at a much lower price than the present owner paid for it). They will stop complaining about boring jobs and oppressive bosses, and feel grateful to have the work. Their parents won’t bail them out; in fact, their parents will postpone retirement and work for an additional 10 or 15 years.

Ben Stein also has some interesting observations along these lines here.

Up to now the U.S. has been able to count on the rising productivity from technology and dollar hegemony to cover a decidedly slouchy culture, both at work and otherwise.  But the dollar hegemony is fading and the technology is spreading.

Christian churches could caplitalise on this outwardly negative trend.  After all, didn’t we used to have the "Protestant work ethic" in this country?  But they’ve been too busy with "name it and claim it" themselves.  I suspect, however, that the ethnic shifts we’re seeing in Christianity will also help to move churches in the right direction here, too.

2 Replies to “Obama, the Slackers Candidate”

  1. Nothing could be further from the truth and it is a disservice to the Anglican Church but more importantly to God to peddle so called conservatism under the banner of the 1928 prayer book.
    Americans work hard enough & Christian verity requires health care and education for everyone. I refer you to page 44 of the 1928 Prayer Book which warns against serving Mammon. The Conservative movement in this country today has Mammon (or as it is known in modern USA, Corporate Profit) as its god. The 1928 Prayer Book belongs to the Children of God. And I can assure you that the slack jawed heretic traitor Bush supporters are not Children of God, if anything (I think I’ll play conservative and judge others) are the very worst kind of sinners. Leave the Sacred Prayer Books alone and go on and balance your profit/loss statements…for you will have to answer to your god Mammon very soon.


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