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The Confederate Flag: Maybe They Wanted to Skip Graduation

There’s more than one way to get a job done, as three Mobile students found out the hard way:

They say they’re just "good ol’ boys" who, like the song goes, were "never meaning no harm." But three Bloomington Kennedy seniors were not allowed to attend their commencement Wednesday night after bringing a Confederate flag to school on Tuesday.

"We’re all big fans of the Dukes of Hazard," said Dan Fredin, who was suspended, along with Joe Snyder and Justin Thompson. "It’s just us showing we have our own style and we aren’t going to conform to whatever anyone else thinks."

Well, they didn’t conform.  Non-conformity of any kind involves a price; you just have to be willing to pay it.  The original Confederacy is the prime object lesson of that, and its sons and daughters continue in the tradition.

As far as missing the graduation ceremonies, if I had had the option of skipping mine from my own liberal prep school (which had its own Confederate flag issues,) I would have.  My mother found the place so distasteful that she didn’t bother to enter my graduation ceremony in her appointment book/diary.


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