Brian McLaren: Right at Home with the Reappraisers at Lambeth

As if he hasn’t caused enough trouble with his fellow Evangelicals, Brian McLaren takes his Emergent roadshow to the upcoming Anglican Lambeth conference:

Rumor has it that Brian Mclaren, one of the leaders of the emerging church movement, has been invited to address the assembled bishops at Lambeth. This should not be a surprise as McLaren is wholly committed to repackaging all the vague, undefined, and frankly antinomian aspects of mainline protestantism and infusing them into evangelicalism under the guise of a sort of "hip" mysticism fused with bad hygiene.

And serious hair loss too; just take a look at this thirty-year old photo.  (Music’s not too bad, though…)

The Stand Firm article gives space to Mark Driscoll’s refutation of McLaren (or one of them.)  Travis Johnson gave this a fuller treatment last year.

I will say that my years following Anglicanism has been a good preparation for what’s ahead on the Pentecostal/Evangelical side, but in this case the heterodoxy is going the other way.


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