Tim Gill: So Where’s the Equality and Progress?

Quark founder Tim Gill is making quite a splash, funding in a big way state legislative candidates who support same-sex civil marriage.  This was reported on the 700 Club a couple of days ago, and; you can see the video by clicking here.

Gill tells us he wants equality.  That should constitute progress.  I’ve dealt with this subject on numerous occasions, and so I’ll repeat some of the things I’ve said before.  First, from Considering Things Carefully:

The second is that civil marriage is inherently unequal.  There are people who are married and people who are not; this automatically creates an inequality.  Same sex marriage does not enhance equality, but only extends inequality to a new group of people…Christians lament of the state of civil marriage and oppose the creation of same-sex marriage, but frankly the basic Biblical reasons for marriage are no longer enshrined in U.S. law.  In the midst of all this the marriage rate continues to decline; obviously a good number of heterosexual people have determined that the disadvantages of civil marriage outweigh its advantages for whatever reason.

So where’s the equality?

The second comes from What It Takes to Experience Discrimination:

Liberals of all kinds have many explanations as to why people are persecuted and picked on.  They use morally loaded terms such as "racist," "sexist," "homophobe," and whatever other insult comes to their minds.  Doing it in this way demonises people, forcing them either to retreat to the background (if the liberal-induced attack allows that option, which it frequently doesn’t) or be forced to publicly "repent" of their "feudal attitudes," as Chinese Communists used to force people to do in "group struggle meetings" during the Cultural Revolution.  But the idea is always the same: attack people for what they "are" in a morally loaded fashion, with the result that they are either beat into submission (silence!) or come over to your side.

I find it ludicrous that secularist liberals–especially those veterans of the "sexual revolution" of the 1960’s, which was supposed to toss morality–always resort to moral pressure to get their way.  Even worse is to see people who scoff at the idea of a personal devil demonise people on a regular basis.

So where’s the progress?

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