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American Foreign Legion?

It certainly looks that way:

Under pressure to increase their numbers, the Army and Marine Corps are sharply raising the number of recruits with felony convictions they are admitting to the services.

Data released by a congressional committee shows that the number of soldiers admitted to the Army with felony records jumped from 249 in 2006 to 511 in 2007. And the number of Marines with felonies rose from 208 to 350.

The bulk of the crimes were for burglaries, other thefts, and drug offenses, but nine involved sex crimes and six involved manslaughter or vehicular homicide convictions.

Beau geste, anyone?  But given our country’s method of using incarceration to solve our social problems, it’s hard to see the military has any alternative.


3 Replies to “American Foreign Legion?”

  1. I read the article and found it interesting,

    An AFL could work quite well, but it would have to have a much wider recruitment that just the countries of operation. I believe there would be active divisions within these target countries but a reserve personnel task force in countries such as Australia drawing upon the talents of those from all over the world, regardless of citizenship. Active involvement of intelligence AFL members who may be reserve units ( hence maximizing the war chest budget) would also provide strategic quick strike capabilities in areas that become active to terrorist activities, especially in arenas generally occupied by our allies the Asia pacific being just an example. I personally would consider joining such an organization even though I am considered a dual citizen of two allies to the United States Greece and Australia.


    Michael Krejany


  2. I don’t have any objections per se to an American Foreign Legion. I just wish that it be called what it is rather than playing the usual shell game we do in American politics to cover up something that offends sensibilities.


  3. It stands to reason that a spade must be called a spade. An AFL would be a paid Army of Foriegn iductees, who’s sole purpose is to earn American dollars, and American citizenship at the expence potentially of their own family, their Countrymen, their Countrywomen, their ancestors and potentially their own lives, to the advatage and defence of the conceptual democracy of the United states. Financial gain, booty for an Army of thugs.
    The image of “the dogs of war” do not conjure up feelings of loyalty, nor honor nor Courage rather contempt-in some case rightly so.
    What virtues would a Legion like this have to unify and band such men together, perhaps christian values? Islamic values? Budist values perhaps? or ideals of a band of brothers? Or maybe the big stick mentality, join and be punnished severly for any inserection- Gee that will engender loyalty, won’t it. Forgive me for my flipant statements but such a conscept as an AFL has been thought up before in history and I am afraid it doesn’t work well, because of the tenements it stands for. I for one in and amendment to my previous statement would not be able to find any reason to being part of such an organization, because of the virtues I hold dear. Without being precious, this organization would not dream of recruiting the likes of myself, would they?


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