The Chinese Discover “Certainly Not Neutral”

The Chinese are discovering what many in the U.S. have known for a long time: that much of the "mainstream" media is biased, and especially CNN, which G. Gordon Liddy humourously referred to one time as "Certainly Not Neutral."   This has been brought home to them by the remarks of Jack Cafferty.

Some Chinese have started the website to vent their frustrations, and I hope that they get a hearing.  It’s time that some else in the world got their canful of this kind of thing.  I’ve commented myself on the issue of Tibet before.

It always amazes me that an organisation supposedly commited to world unification as CNN dredges up xenophobes such as Cafferty and Lou Dobbs.  But, as the Episcopal Church is testament to, the left is perfectly capable of jingoism when it suits their purpose, even after years of telling us that American culture is irredeemably inferior.

Cafferty and others at CNN may soon discover that their "Situation Room" may have a situation they hadn’t bargained for.

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