Barack Obama May Be Right. But It May Not Help.

Barack Obama fights back from the reaction to his statements that people turned to their guns and their God in the face of economic adversity.

To be honest, he’s right.  People have turned to other sources of help than the government.  What were we supposed to do, anyway?  In many respects Mike Huckabee’s populist campaign was based on just that.

The flip side, however, is the problem.  The reverse implication that Obama doesn’t verbalise is that, if the government did what it was supposed to do, people wouldn’t need God or their guns.

But human rule isn’t capable of such a utopia.  The Marxists tried to pull this off and they failed.  This country was founded on setting up a level playing field and letting people draw their strength from somewhere else, and the success speaks for itself.  It’s no accident that Satan’s unchallenged rule is only supposed to last seven years.  When Our Lord returns on the white horse, he will not only have to deal with the aftermath of the plagues and other disasters from above, but from the economic collapse from the Antichrist’s system.

I’m sticking with God myself.

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