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We’re Looking for a Volunteer, Ted

Ted Turner thinks that there are too many people in the world:

"We’re too many people; that’s why we have global warming," he said. "Too many people are using too much stuff."

So is he prepared to volunteer himself and his family to bail out first?  That’s always the tricky part for advocates of things like this.

I’ve dealt with this idea before, and I’ll repeat my comments on it here:

We applaud the efforts of Forrest Mims III to call attention to the grim absurdity of the message of University of Texas professor Eric Pianka, who advocates eliminating 90% of the world’s population though Ebola.

Although Pianka’s students seemed enthralled by this "novel" theory, the fact is that there is nothing novel about this. It is basically the same kind of thing we were regaled with nearly forty years ago with Paul Erlich’s The Population Bomb, which predicted disaster for population levels far below what we have now. It took a few years for the Boomers to get over this but get over it they did, as we finally saw an upswing in the birthrate.

One flaw in Erlich’s thesis is his failure to see that, as civilisation moves in the direction it usually moves in, the birthrate declines. The "problem" with this is that most of the decline has been in the developed countries, creating a vacuum into which have marched immigrants from Latin America and the Middle East.

Although population control is always dressed up as "scientific," underneath what we are seeing is a "tribal survival panic" kind of reaction. We saw this in Germany in the 1930’s. Erlich’s and Pianka’s reaction (especially the latter) can be viewed in the same way. Iran’s agressive stance is also in anticipation of a collapsing birthrate as modernity challenges Islam all at once in the way it has challenged Christianity for centuries.

Anytime a "death culture" emerges death follows–usually in war. It was the pattern of the last century. As Christians we need to stand for life and let the "redistribution" of the races take care of itself as we concentrate on spreading the good news and seeing the creation of a new race bound together by blood–the blood of Jesus Christ Himself.


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