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Choose Life

This week’s podcast takes us to inner city Chicago, where Peter Scholtes put together one of the most interesting (if not the most polished) productions of early post-Vatican II Catholic Music.  The song featured is Choose Life, with a decidedly "African" sound.

It comes from the album They’ll Know We are Christians By Our Love, the title track of which is, IMHO, the theme song for the "Contract on the Episcopalians."  That notwithstanding, you can tell that Scholtes and his inner city congregation had a lot of fun with this album, inclusing the "Missa Bossa Nova," which I remember using in college.

The rest of this album is at The Ancient Star-Song.


2 Replies to “Choose Life”

  1. Hi Don,

    This is an interesting example of the Kingdom of God meeting culture, which has been on my mind a lot lately.

    Thought you and your readers might like to know that I am blogging evangelii nuntiandi by Pope Paul VI over at Islam and Christianity

    Though it is over 30 years old it is still IMHO a humble and powerful document that deserves to be revisited again and again.


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