A Lift From the East

Every time I get discouraged at the way U.S. Evangelicals operate, it’s good to see some sense coming from somewhere else, as is the case with Sunny Lee’s article about the North Korean commando turned South Korean pastor Kim Shin-jo:

Kim believes that foreign aid to North Korea has its limitations and that true change should come from inside. For example, he suggested that North Korea send talented people to the South to receive education and then return to improve North Korea’s society. Kim said the North should even consider sending young people to study in the US. "China did it, too," he said.

Kim said some day he wants to visit his hometown in North Korea. "If you leave your home in the morning it’s a very human feeling to go back home at night. I’ve been living my life with a deep guilt for my family and relatives," the soft-spoken Kim said.

Yet Kim believes that having too much expectation can drain one’s emotion and that it may take some time for his wish to come true. "I see the possibility. It will come some day. Jesus taught us to be patient."

His testimony’s powerful, too: he was sent from North Korea as part of a plot to assasinate then South Korean President Park Chung-hee.  But you’ll have to read for yourself how he became a Christian and a pastor.

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