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You Really Don’t Want To Know…

Having lived not so far from I-35, the "Holy Highway," I take some special interest in this topic, which has caught the attention of NPR.

In this story we read the following:

Do travelers think it’s strange when they see a cluster of people — heads bowed and hands uplifted — on a grassy strip next to the highway?

"What would you rather have? A group of young people praying on I-35 or a group of young people dealing drugs on I-35? Take your pick," says Steve Hill, the 54-year-old senior pastor at Heartland World Ministries, in the Dallas suburb of Irving.

Well, Steve, having grown up with the elites of this country, I can assure that you really don’t want to know their answer to that question.

Want to get a glimpse of that?  Check this out:

…for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. (Michelle Obama)

Had people like you understood the reality of this country in its entirety, you would have taken an entirely different approach to start with, which would have produced an entirely different result.


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