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The Chinese Go After Steven Spielberg

The Chinese have their own point of view about Steven Spielberg’s pullout of the Olympics:

"This person is completely living in his sci-fi world and cannot distinguish dream from reality," said a commentator in the China Youth Daily.

The official Xinhua news agency said Chinese people were baffled by the behaviour of the man behind blockbusters like E.T., Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List.

"Mr Spielberg knows nothing about China’s endeavour to solve the Darfur issue," Xinhua quoted a commentary in the Guangming Daily as saying. "He is unqualified to blame the Chinese government."

Thousands of angry Chinese ganged up against him on Internet forums, according to the news agency.

They targeted Spielberg "as a person who failed to keep his word" and for linking politics to the Beijing Olympics.

One posting said: "The US slaughters civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. Director Spielberg, don’t you feel ashamed being an American?

"You don’t criticise your own country, then how can you criticise China?"

I got a similar reaction to a piece I posted on the Chinese author Mao Dun some time back:

American journalists tend to look at things from their own angle. They have a self-defined notion of correctness or ultimate truth, and
if people do not agree with that, then there is a problem. This is very sad. They do not try to understand the path of other people’s
development, neither do they respect others’ ideals, or if they do, they bluntly ignore it. They describe everything they disagree as
“undemocratic”, “insincere” or “fake.”

Disagreement is too common and it is good that people are open about it. But I think it is a disgrace of turn a disagreement into character bashing. This is what the journalist did here. But nonetheless, it was good information that he revealed.


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