Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris Visit Chattanooga

The Mike Huckabee campaign made its next to last stop this morning in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before returning to Little Rock for Super Tuesday.

Mike Huckabee’s speech–along with a brief contribution by Chuck Norris–can be found here, and is the special podcast today.  It’s a little over thirty minutes.

The stage is set for the candidate’s arrival.

For an 0800 meeting with short notice and a rainy day, not a bad crowd at all.

Introducing the candidate.
Mike greeeting his stage entourage.

He makes his stump speech to an attentive (and enthusiastic) audience.  Happily the Ron Paul people–who have a habit of being obnoxious on occasions like this–are absent.

Now it’s Chuck Norris’ turn to speak while Mike Huckabee takes it in.

Mike greets his supporters on the rope line.

Chuck Norris and his wife do likewise.  Sometimes it’s hard to know who’s the bigger celebrity, but Norris’ presence in Mike’s campaign shows that Huckabee was ahead of the curve (read: Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey) in his use of celebrities.

The present and the future.  Mike’s Evangelical demographic–with its high birthrate–is more focused on the future than many of his opponents’, Republican or Democrat.

4 Replies to “Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris Visit Chattanooga”

  1. Listen up Evangelicals, ONLY a vote for MITT ROMNEY in Republican primaries is a vote AGAINST MCCAIN, a loser that is being aggressively imposed on us by the establishment and the “mainstream” media. By casting your vote on ANY OTHER candidate you will be helping MCCAIN to win the Republican nomination.


  2. Listen up people. No way, no how, would I ever vote for Mitt. He is for gays, abortions, union buster(for his own worth), remember the BIG DIG(very costly failure)flips way tooo much, he also has the health care plan (UNIVERSAL) sounds like a DEM to me. People can look at Huckabee’s record and interviews from over 1 year ago and they ARE THE SAME. Good luck Mike—You have my vote!!


  3. Vote for Mitt? NOT IF HE GAVE ME 1,000,000!!!!! But with Mike and the Fair Tax, I will be able to save 1,000,000 before I retire! I like Mike and will be with him all the way to the White House.


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