Maybe She Took My Advice

Hillary Clinton’s victory in New Hampshire is perhaps the result of the following:

“I listened to you. And in the process, I found my own voice,” Clinton told her victory rally. “Now, let’s give America the kind of comeback New Hampshire has just given me.”

Or, put another way, she told the story like it is, or at least like she really sees it.  That’s what I recommended last week in putting the “sunshine” album Newbury Park in the podcast.  Her iPod needs this album.

As for the Republicans: Mitt Romney should hope that Frank Luntz doesn’t get another focus group together.  Luntz did it in Iowa, the group went for Romney, and Mitt lost.  Luntz did it again in New Hampshire and the group also went for Romney, and again Romney lost.

If I were a candidate and a Luntz gets a focus group to go for me, I’d be worried.  (If I were Luntz, I’d be really worried!)


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