Without a Soul? Takes One to Know One

Hillary says that Vladimir Putin "doesn’t have a soul:"

Speaking in Hampton this evening, Hillary Rodham Clinton said the president of Russia "doesn’t have a soul."

She was riffing on the danger of inexperience, and reliance on personal relationships, in foreign affairs, indirectly comparing Obama to George W. Bush, who notoriously looked into Vladimir Putin’s soul and liked what he saw.

"I could have told him — he was a KGB agent. By definition he doesn’t have a soul," Clinton joked.

It takes one to know one…

Personally, I’ll take my chance with the Russians.  Have in the past.  Best to take a native guide, though…

After posting this, "Spengler" proposed that Americans elect Vladimir Putin for President.  Of the U.S.  Evidently he’ll take his chances with the Russians, too…

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