The Unsolved Mystery of Judge Hagler and the Murder of Integrity Leader Marty Davis

In 1997 Episcopal Rev. Marty Davis, a leader in the TEC GLBT group Integrity, was murdered.  Recently a tape surfaced made by Judge John Hagler (who had known Rev. Davis at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland, TN) has led to the re-examination of the case:

The former secretary to Judge John Hagler testified Thursday afternoon that when she read a tape made by the judge she "felt a crime had been committed" and believed it related to the 1997 murder of Episcopal priest Marty Davis in Brainerd.

Nona Rogers said Judge Hagler went to church with Mr. Davis, and she said the priest would visit the judge’s office and call him on the phone.

Ms. Rogers said, "Because of the male topic, he was the first person who came to mind."

Ms. Rogers said after she first listened to the tape that she accidentally discovered on the back side of dictation from the judge, "I shook all over. I was just numb."

This has led to calls for the release of the tape, which has been under wraps:

The brother of slain Episcopal priest Marty Davis is pleading for former Bradley County Judge John Hagler to release a tape recording that police have said could be connected to the decade-old homicide.

"I’m asking the judge specifically for justice," said Thomas Davis, 52, of Cleveland, Tenn. "Judge, we need to know. If it’s your brother or son, you would want to know. We’ve waited a long time. Just allow us to rest."

Looks to me like someone is trying to cover up a gay affair.  But we’ll see.

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