Sen. Charles Grassley Asks Six Ministries To Turn Over Financial Records Within One Month

It’s obvious that Sen. Charles Grassley has too much time on his hands, as he asks six ministries to turn over financial records within one month.

The "Religious Right" is is political disarray these days.  As a Republican (RINO?) Grassley ought to know that.  They’re certainly not the force to be reckoned with they were even two years ago.  None of these ministries and many others are the threat to the left or even the middle that they once were.  So why all of this fuss?

There are three possibilities:

  • It’s grandstanding.  Grassley is trying to project himself as some kind of fighter against "consumer fraud."
  • It’s part of a long plan for the government to gain effective control of Christian churches and parachurch organisations through the tax code.  LBJ paved the way for this by prohibiting 501c3 organisations from endorsing candidates, and the Carter administration successfully revoked Bob Jones University’s tax exempt status.  This campaign has been dormant since Ronald Reagan but it looks like it’s being revived.
  • It’s an attempt to revoke same tax status of churches when same revocation can be "justified."  Doing this would enhance the government’s revenue stream.  The IRS has been working on this for some time.

"Heroes of the poor" living large is part of the genre; just look at John Edwards.  Personally I don’t think it’s the way to do it but, hey, I grew up in Palm Beach.  I’ve done the yachts and private school.  It’s time to serve the people!  So, Sen. Grassley, why don’t you serve the people and concentrate on a real fraudulent shell game like Social Security?

4 Replies to “Sen. Charles Grassley Asks Six Ministries To Turn Over Financial Records Within One Month”

  1. You missed the fourth option, which is also the correct one: Grassley has been fighting against corruption in not-for-profits for years.


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