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The God-Hating Liberals and The Golden Compass

It looks like we’re "off to the races" again with the impending release of the anti-religious children’s film The Golden Compass.  Based on the open atheist Philip Pullman’s books, the release is beginning to generate the predictable firestorm.

Unfortunately, as is the case with much anti-religious (usually anti-Christian, most of these people don’t have the guts to take on Islam) material these days, it’s a sad song we’ve been hearing for a long time.

In Pullman’s trilogy on which the movie is based, a pair named "Adam and Eve" end up killing a god named "Yahweh."  But such a scenario begs many questions.  Is he saying that God was once alive but now dead, as liberal "Christians" used to do in the 1960’s before they got run over in the stampede out of the church?  Why does he give publicity to the creation story, one that evolutionistic atheists hate just about worse than anything else?  Why can’t athetists write about the glorious world they’re supposed to be leading us to, rather than incessantly coming back to the theistic one they’re trying to destroy?

Looking for the answer takes me back to an episode on the 700 Club in the late 1970’s, when Pat Robertson was interviewing Richard Wurmbrand.  He was the Romanian Anglican/Lutheran minister who spent many years in jail under Nicolae Ceauşescu’s communist regime.  Later he founded the organisation that is now known at the Voice of the Martyrs.  Well versed in Marxism, Wurmbrand made the statement that Karl Marx wasn’t a true atheist–he knew God existed, he just hated him.  (That, BTW, is where the phrase "God-hating liberals" comes from.)

For anyone who knows anything about communism, that’s a pretty bold statement.  Universal atheism was one of the fundamental objectives of the "dictatorship of the proletariat," where the "opiate of the people" would dissappear along with the state.  In the end neither did.  At the core of the problem is the simple fact that eternity is more hard-wired into human beings than atheists want to admit.

And that includes the atheists as well.  They never seem to tire of pillorying Christianity.  But, in doing so, are they admitting that they’re not real atheists?  Surely they should have figured out by now that real Christians face an uphill battle in getting to positions of power and influence in Western societies, certainly in Europe and to a lesser extent in the U.S.  But they keep on acting like they’re facing a firing squad from the nearest megachurch.  Like Madeleine des Cieux’s miracles in the novel The Ten Weeks, the more attention the left-wing government paid to the miracles, the stupider it looked.  In spending so much time attacking religion, the atheists only admit that a) they really hate a God they’re afraid exists more than deny his existence, and b) give backhanded credibility to Christians.

The danger for Christians–and it’s a real one–is that, in a country where Evangelicals work far too hard to be a part of society, Christian parents will take their children to see such a movie without realising the nature of its message.  The campaign against the film may be lampooned by its critics, but it’s part and parcel with the system.  After all, secularists, you weren’t hauling the few children you had to the Chronicles of Narnia, were you?


11 Replies to “The God-Hating Liberals and The Golden Compass”

  1. The Scholastic publishing company is partnering with New Line Cinema and promoting “The Compass,” and the books, heavily in public schools. Even though the books are strongly anti-God and anti-church, they’re getting a strong push in schools as curriculum resources. There is more information here. Please encourage your local schools not to use this material!


  2. What on earth are you talking about?

    The book is about a cult which rules the world, that’s right people, a cult, not christianity, there are christian protagonists, but the badguys here are cult members.

    You said it yourself, the god killed is called “Yahweh” Is that the name of the christian god? I think not. Besides, he gets killed, does that sound like something a divine being does? No, this is about a cult which worships a human man, and the evils it commits, such as science experiments where children have their souls ripped out. Yes that’s right, souls, atheists don’t believe in souls. This is a work of fiction. Nothing more.


  3. Yahweh is in fact our Lord God’s name. To toss around God’s name like that is breaking one of the Ten Commandments. Using God’s name in vain, or for no purpose, is the sin. I will be boycotting any further material from New Line Cinema and Scholastic Book company. If the books were about the glorification of racism, would New Line have joined up so fast? I am open minded towards what my children learn, however I draw the line at anyone putting the salvation of my family at risk. It is hard enough being a Christian in the USA without Atheists trying to corrupt the minds of our youth. If in fact God isn’t real, then I will have spent my life sharing kindness and love with no harm done. If God is real, I feel sorry for those atheists who spent their lives trying to make non believers.


  4. I think that this movie is contraverial. Just like the Passion, but Christianity always gets more publicity when athiest harass christian,
    I think it would be wise for [people to look at writer Lee Strobal, ex athiest who searched the world for answers when his wife became a christian

    please be educated about God, and christianity before you make assumptions about it like some other people do.
    chekc out website for someone to contact you and give you the answers you search.


  5. It does sound like the movie is not for the impressionable. I once heard of a non-catholic Scandinavian minister that stated
    once to an entire congregation during a sermon that “there is no God”–I cannot imagine how that must have felt to all the
    parents there trying to raise their children to be believers.

    not sure whether I will see the movie, have not seen any harry potter movies to date.

    remember satin rebelled against God, if he could have satan would have banished God from Heaven (which is a kind of death)
    as we all know that did not happen rather much the opposite.

    Its pretty clear that if you believe that
    1.) God took six days to create man
    2.) 1000 years is as a day for the Lord (arguably is meant to denote a time period of just about any duration short of infinite)
    3.) Adam was a perfect creation with vast capabilities relative to time

    then the inevitable conclusion is that satan relatively speaking only lived a few earth days under God’s graces with the
    full privilege of Heaven (since how could the Angels exist apart from Heaven having only been created a few days earlier
    than man?).

    I mention this to illustrate how biblical reality is exceedingly more complex powerful and interesting than anything man has
    been able to dream up

    May the Holy Trinity Bless Us Greatly


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