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Glad We Didn’t Have to Put Our Siamese Cat Through This

This is what happened when we tried to get our cat to pose in a portrait shoot. Photo courtesy of Bernice Ransom.

One of the newer blessings (other than same-sex blessings for people) that Episcopalians can avail themselves of is the “blessing of the animals.”  Needless to say dear old Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach not only did this, but got a video of this in the online Shiny Sheet.  (Who needs YouTube when you have the Palm Beach Daily News?)

Although the pet owners were glowing in their assessment, the animals didn’t show as much enthusiasm.  One dog really worked at ducking the holy water being slung at him, which is hilarious.

I am thankful that we, when at Bethesda, didn’t have to put our Siamese cat Buff through this.  It was hard enough for him to get through a portrait shoot.    And he hated water with a passion.  Ah, for the days of wine and the 1928 Prayer Book

It’s still better than the “Contract on the Episcopalians.


2 Replies to “Glad We Didn’t Have to Put Our Siamese Cat Through This”

  1. I am not. But same-sex blessings are a reality in TEC these days. There are many things, though, that God doesn’t have anything to do with in TEC. Just because a church blesses things doesn’t mean that God does.


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