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He Won’t Need a Translator. But a Few Subtitles Might Help.

There’s no doubt that Miami Dolphins’ player Channing Crowder is relieved that he won’t need a translator when he’s in London.  But he may not be out of the woods with the language barrier just yet.

On some American news channels, when a British speaker of English is being interviewed, we’ll sometimes see subtitles just to make sure the Yanks get the point.  The Brits know how to reciprocate, too: on a recent BBC4 series on radical Islam inside British mosques, they featured an American imam (as if the ones from the Middle East weren’t dangerous enough) and they subtitled his speech, although those of us on this side of the pond wish they had subtitled some of the others.

Maybe Crowder should stay in Miami after all…where the animals are tame and the people run wild.


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