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Keeping Liberals Entertained

Greg Cruey of the Universities Weblog referred to my piece on the litigation between the University of California and Christian schools as "entertaining."

I’m glad to be of service.  Liberals are a hard bunch to entertain.  Especially these days, since, if they succeed in defeating the domestic Christian Right, they still have to beat the Islamisicts to survive.  And then there are those pesky Third World Christians, like the Episcopalians are having so much trouble with…

He does make one statement that deserves a response:

I guess disagreeing with Bob Jones University (that institution publishes many of the textbooks used by ACSI schools) makes you a Communist…

Let me assure him that I know more about Communism (and have had more contact with Communists) than most people on campus these days.  And Marxism has some advantages over American liberalism, as the latter is currently practised.  Perhaps referring to California as a "People’s Republic" is generous.  Besides, doesn’t your "Governator" have the perfect look for an old time Communist propaganda poster?

Tian an Men Square, Beijing. In the front is the Monument to the People’s Heroes. Behind it is Chairman Mao Zedong’s Memorial Hall.

Sacramento could use an edifice or two like these.


2 Replies to “Keeping Liberals Entertained”

  1. Hi guy,

    Are you calling me a liberal? I might be. Hard to decide. Truth is, I once voted for Pat Robertson for president – in the Hawaii GOP primary in 1988. Amazing what 20 years can do to your political views. At the moment I lean toward John Edwards…

    I was more concerned, though, with the possibility that anyone might get the impression that I live in California. I’ve visited a number of Western states – Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Texas. Not California, so far. But I live squarely in the heart of Appalachia. I live in Virginia, work in West Virginia, and shop occasionally in East Tennessee.

    I agree with you that Arnie makes a great poster for something.

    My reference to Bob Jones was actually based more on my experience as a politically moderate Baptist than on any identity I might have as a California communist. My father’s military career kept me in Augusta, Ga, through high school and my undergraduate years. Bob Jones was in the vicinity – about 120 miles away – and I grew up knowing who they were.

    As a Baptist who spent 10 years on the mission field in Asia and the Pacific, I think Christians in America exacerbate their problems with American culture – and then often whine about it. And I firmly believe that God is not a Republican (or a Democrat).

    Blog on…


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