Maybe They Should Meet at the Tavern

The news that two court employees of the California Superior Court in San Diego are suing over not being allocated a room for a Bible study is yet another example of how Christians find themselves and their activities singled out for prohibition when the powers that be have the desire and the means (or at least they think they do) to do so.

But that gave me an idea: since the state courthouse isn’t inviting, why not go somewhere that is, where everyone "knows your name."  Like a tavern.  But that leads to the next question: what kind of music would they request?  Pentecostal churches have been answering that question for a long time; many Pentecostal musicians have a decidedly "honky-tonk" sound to them.  But I’d like to see something more of a "lounge lizard" type, and this week’s podcast brings you just that: "I cannot understand" from David Pope and the Right Angle’s "half-album" One Way, the rest of which can be found at The Ancient Star Song.

If they actually played this kind of music at a tavern, the God-hating liberals burrowed in the Federal and state bureaucracies would rue the day they told the Christians to take a hike.

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