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When God Pulls the Plug

Jim Workman’s piece in The Living Church Foundation on "Turning Away from God" is a good treatment on the subject of institutions and God, and certainly relevant for the present state of the Episcopal Church.  But it’s also a reminder to everyone that institutionalism isn’t God’s original plan for his people.

God established the proper centre of worship at the temple in Jerusalem.  The major flaw with the Northern (Israelite) Kingdom is that they moved that centre of worship to places such as Bethel.  Had they done otherwise, they would have had to acknowledge the political supremacy of Judah, which they were not prepared to do.  Eventually they wandered in and out (mostly in) of idolatry, and eventually they fell.

But the temple wasn’t an absolute guarantee for Judah either; when it prostituted itself through idol worship to the neighbours, God used same neighbours to destroy the temple and the Southern Kingdom.  God can and will pull the plug on any institution if that institution is not faithful to him and his commandments.

It’s that simple.


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