TEC Considers Its Legal Options

David Trimble’s analysis of Bishop/Attorney Stacy Sauls’ role and possible analysis in the Episcopal Church’s legal options re its property is a very sensible one.

Much of what’s written about this reflects spiritual angst and a naive view of the legal system.  While spiritual angst is understandable, when the legal system gets involved it’s necessary to take a more calculating view, otherwise the pain is increased, frequently without improvement of the results.

It’s also interesting to see how TEC will use the long arm of the law to effectively enforce its liberal theology.  It still boggles me that an American church can get away with that in the 21st century, especially one with an upscale demographic like the TEC.

Note: the David Trimble who wrote this is a Kentucky attorney and not the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize winner and former First Minister of Northern Ireland.  They are doubtless cousins; some of Lord Trimble’s relatives came across the water, as did many from Ulster.  The Trimbles are well established in places such as Kentucky and Tennessee (I’ve gone to church with a few) and I think that, in the mess that Northern Ireland has been, Lord Trimble sometimes wished that his own ancestors had joined the rest of the Trimbles in the New World.

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