The Sad End of Randy and Paula White

Randy and Paula White’s breakup is a very sad business, not only for them and the Without Walls Church but for American Christianity in general.

The really sad thing is that this is with precedent.  Randy was the evangelism director of the National Church of God outside of Washington, DC when he met and married Paula.  The fact that he had been married before soured the Church of God on Randy.  Unfortunately, in this day and age. denominations which react adversely to the problems of the "anointed" are called "judgemental" (and not just by liberals either!) and in the way of real ministry.  Pressure such as this–plus his success at the Without Walls Church–has led to a softening of this position.

Unfortunately the original assessment turned out to be true.  As noted before, the problem with prosperity Charismatic Christianity is that it’s quick to tell people how to succeed and absent when it’s time to know how to live after the success.  Randy and Paula White are yet more victims of this lacuna.

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