Yahweh in the Morning: Our God is Our King

People who attended any of the conferences–youth and leaders—at the Catholic Charismatic (and Franciscan) University of Steubenville in the early 1980’s will remember the group Emmanuel.  Our podcast this week kicks off Emmanuel’s second album, Yahweh in the Morning, with the track Our God is Our King.

Yahweh in the Morning (EM002) was released in 1979.  The people involved were as follows:

  • Emmanuel Members
    • Mike Clark
    • Tom Cramer
    • Mary Crienjak
    • Dave Fatula
    • John and Barbara Flaherty
    • Julia Norton
    • Cincy Teynor
    • Betty Jo Thompson
  • Producer: Martin Leifeld
  • Director: Elsie Luke
  • Recording Engineer: Henry Root

More information on this and Emmanuel’s previous album can be found here.

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