The Catholic Calendar Script

One of the more popular features of this site is the Anglican Calendar Script, which announces the current liturgical event (Sunday, saint’s day, etc.) according to the traditional Anglican liturgical scheme.  I’ve gotten requests to expand it to include other liturgical calendars (TEC, RCC, etc.)

Well, it looks like another has risen to the challenge.  For you Roman Catholics who want something similar, the Hectorville (South Australia) Parish Music Ministry has taken the Anglican script and modified it for the Roman Catholic calendar.  This is very much a "work in progress" so take a look at it, try it and give your feedback to its author.

One major reason why I never took a run at doing this for the Catholic liturgical year is that the whole business of "ordinary time," starting after Epiphany and leaping over Lent, Easter and Pentecost to land in the North American summer (Australian winter,) makes programming a lot more complicated than it is for its traditional Anglican counterpart.  So kudos to the brave soul at Hectorville Parish who has taken on this task!

2 Replies to “The Catholic Calendar Script”

  1. hehe thanks! I couldn’t find a catholic script anywhere, so I thought I might as well make one myself and share it. This is just the start of my plans to build an interactive database of hymn suggestions each week (based on past and future selections by myself and others), for my local church. It is designed to be generic so I might expand it to a public website. I have seen something similar in action but they want a $400 / year subscription fee..ha!


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