The Charismatic Nature of Anglicanism

In the midst of everything else going on here, I received an interesting comment on my piece Charismatic Anglicans: The Missing Link:

I used to be a Lutheran who was sort of involved with the charismatic movement before coming to Canada. I became very discouraged with my church. I recently joined an Anglican Church in Vancouver. I asked the priest if there were any charismatics Anglicans. He did not know.I would love to find such a fellowship of Anglicans and a priest who is aware of the gifts of the spirit. The Anglican Church believes in casting out demons, healing, anointing of oil, and the laying on of hands, that is pretty charismatic to me. The Anglican Church has a richness that the Lutheran Church does not have. The Anglican Church by it’s historical practice is charismatic. It is liturgical,and sacramental. It has the gifts, use them, teach them, practice them for the enrichment of the believers, to do battle in a world that is filled with the demons of unbelief, power, addiction, corruption and war. We long to see Christ. We long for the presence of the Holy Spirit, for it is our peace and comfort. We are called by our baptism to good into all the world to preach., to share good news to a hurting world. We don’t need to preach about the law. For God sake we live feeling condemned. Preach the Good News of Love in Jesus Christ. Love builds life.

Please is there a fellowship of Charismatic Anglicans. We have the spiritual gifts, let’s not be afraid of who we are in our baptism and faith in the Lord Jesus. Greater things than these shall you do in the days of the Spirit. Lutherans and Anglicans are so close together why is there not a fellowship of spirit led Christians. We have the sacraments of grace. Let’s hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  But there’s more.  In looking at the classically Anglican Books of Common Prayer (like the 1662 version) one is struck by the mention of many of the things he’s listed.  Beyond that, in these books there is a God who makes promises and delivers on them, a cornerstone of Full Gospel theology.  That impacts the whole discussion on the 1979 prayer books "baptismal covenant," what I call the contract on the Episcopalians.  There all the performance in on one side, i.e., ours.

Hopefully our friend will find what he’s looking for, although he’s in Michael Ingham’s home turf.  If you can help, just put a comment below.

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