Fred Thompson Runs: Conservatives Have a Candidate

The news that Fred Thompson will announce his candidacy on 4 July is good news for Republican conservatives who have been looking for an alternative to a field that is either a) too liberal or b) too erratic and opportunistic.

Rumours are cheap and plentiful in politics.  The first indication that I saw that his candidacy was for real was back in March, when Congressman Zach Wamp announced that Thompson was likely to run.  Zach is too well placed to make such a statement without substantiation.  Since then virtually every party leader in Tennessee has been pushing his candidacy.

Fred is not perfect.  He, in a lawyerly way, was too slow to pick up on the basically political nature of the Watergate scandal.  And some conservative Christian leaders have challenged his "true believer credentials."  But this is politics, and the same caution I expressed about Rudy Guiliani and Mitt Romney should be exercised here.  Christians need to understand the limitations of politics and that, if you want to see a religion where religion and politics are a unity, you should take a look at Islam.

And Fred Thompson lazy?  That’s the best road to small government yet!

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