Travolta and Scientology vs. the BBC: Revenge of the Bologna Club

There needs to be little surprise at John Travolta spearheading Scientology’s counterattack against John Sweeney’s BBC documentary on the subject.

No organisation uses the legal system to grind down its opponents the way that the Church of Scientology does.  In the past they have ruined opponents, institutional and individual, using the legal system that is supposed to be protecting our "rights."  The BBC should have expected no mercy from these people and probably didn’t.

We said our peace about these people in connection with their founder, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, and his start as an aviation correspondent in Washington in the early 1930’s.  Scientology is a creation of modernity, and part of that creative process is fantasy.  It’s too bad that it has taken such deep root in the upper reaches of our society, which is what makes Scientology so dangerous.  Like the Episcopal Church, its demographics give it influence well out of proportion to its numbers.

But that doesn’t change the fact that Scientology is the worthy successor to the "Bologna Club," itself a creation of the aviation scene in Washington in Hubbard’s day.  It was documented by an aviation correspondent far better than Ron Hubbard (Ernie Pyle.)  And it’s good to know that the Chairmanship of this club passed out of family hands.

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