Protecting the Master Race

There has been a lot of consternation–well deserved–about the passage of H.R. 1592, the so-called "hate crimes" bill.  We would have commented on this sooner except that it was a foregone conclusion to pass in the House.  From a political standpoint, it is a sop to a powerful support group in the Democrat Party.   Given the nature of House rules, the Republicans had a nearly impossible fight against it.  Things in the Senate look better, although it remains to be seen whether either a) the Senate Republicans will filibuster it or b) the President will veto it.  Those of you who oppose this need to get moving.

In the meanwhile, a little review is in order.

  • Hate crimes legislation’s primary intended beneficiaries are the homosexuals.  This is not a secret, even if by their own admission they are not the most common victims.
  • It is very selective in the kinds of "hate" that it means to weigh against.  The selectivity is narrowed by the kinds of "hate" that will be prosecuted.  You can bet that killing an Evangelical would not merit a hate crime prosecution.  (The time may come when killing an Evangelical won’t merit any kind of prosecution, bringing us in line with the jihadis.  "… indeed the time is coming when any one who kills you will think that he is making an offering to God.” (John 16:2))
  • It is hard to understand why certain kinds of violence deserve more prosecution than others beyond the extent of the violence.
  • It is even harder to understand why a economically privileged group deserves special treatment like this in a society that worships money and wealth the way ours does.  Our stretched police and prosecutorial forces would be better deployed protecting those in our inner cities who face far more horrific life conditions than many of the rest of us–gay and straight alike–do.

But this drum has been beat on this blog before,  even in the context of our ongoing commentary on the Anglican/Episcopal mess.  This isn’t about tolerance; it’s about freedom vs. controlIt’s also about shifting the definition of "normal" from one group to another so you can trash the other.

We’re past simple human rights.  We’ve come to the point where we are working on designating the GLBT community as a "master race," economically well heeled and protected by draconian legislation against attack and criticism.  If you thought that the concept of "master race" was just for the last century, perhaps you should think again.  Quickly.

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