Too Much Like the Lizard Queen?

They are strange creatures, these Bolsheviks. They talk of freedom and the reconciliation of the peoples of the world, of peace and unity, and withal they are said to be the most cruel tyrants history has ever known. They are simply exterminating the bourgeoisie, and their arguments are machine guns and the gallows. My talk to-day with Joffe (Soviet negotiator) has shown me that these people are not honest, and in falsity surpass all that cunning diplomacy has been accused of, for to oppress decent citizens in this fashion and then talk at the same time of the universal blessing of freedom—it is sheer lying.  (Count Ottokar Czernin, Austro-Hungarian foreign minister, from  his book In the World War)

Czernin wrote this before Stalin, before the purges, before the whole 70 years of Soviet history.

Some things never change.  This sounds too much like the "Lizard Queen" and her colleagues on the left.

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