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Some Help for Your Acolytes

Holy Week was magnificent.  You, the Rector of an Anglican church, know it.  The choir was heavenly.  The altar guild outdid themselves again.  Not a revisionist in sight.  Your sermon even ended with more than half of the congregation awake!  Your golf game on Easter Monday with the Senior Warden only crowned the whole experience.  However, as you dropped that last 20 centimetre putt and headed to the Nineteenth Hole, there was that something that just kept coming back to haunt you.

Face it.  Your Senior Warden is right.  Your acolytes were pitiful.

But help is on the way.  You can click here and go view the “handbook” for the Order of St. Peter acolytes for Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, FL.  This dates before TEC’s current prayer book, in case you’re still using the old standard.

And while you’re working on bringing them “up to standard,” you should know that, when Bethesda’s acolytes messed up (and they did,) all the Rector had to do was to call for a tee time and walk next door.

The field, caddies and gallery of the 1974 Palm Beach Golf Classic at the Breakers wait to proceed. In the upper left hand corner, barely visible above the palm trees, is Bethesda’s spire.

Click here for more golf photos.


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